Investment ‘Transporting’ Us Forward

Published: 28th June 2016


IMG_0658Due to delivery demand, Durham Box Co Limited has purchased another (well needed!) ‘Mercedes-benz Antos’.

This is the third brand new customized Antos D’box have acquired within a year, this latest investment will accompany our list of vehicles and continue to deliver our boxes throughout the UK.

Weighing 18 tons and holding a maximum of 32 standard pallets, the move to these new larger capacity trucks enables quicker delivery lead times and adds to the efficiency and service that Durham Box offers.

From the vinyl finish on the cab and the graphics on the back, to print on the trailer curtains, our in-house graphic design team designed from scratch and we feel did a great job in creating an eye catching conclusion which not only delivers but promotes.


Durham Box is constantly looking at ways to keep on top of a fast moving industry by making key investments in transport, technology, latest machinery, and work force.

For more information regarding design or for any other packaging requirements please contact us and we will do what we can to ‘transport’ your ideas and products forward.

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