Automotive and Industrial

Durham box have invested in machinery scaled to ensure we can service the packaging requirements of the automotive and industrial sectors.

Coupled with our investments, we have years of experience designing and producing finished products for Automotive and Industrial packaging applications, giving us an understanding of the physical requirements of the supply chain.

Recognising the importance of protection for high value goods, our technical team are able to utilise their design experience coupled with our manufacturing capabilities to offer:

  • Simplistic functional solutions based upon logical design and correct board grade selection.
  • Large format packaging one piece pallet bins with complex multi piece die cuts.
  • Printed packs regardless of the finished size, giving branding options on bulk packaging.
  • Lightweight packaging for export and air freight.
  • 100% recyclable solutions ideal for single trip supply chains.

So regardless of the complexities of the product our corrugated packaging can offer the solution.