Whatever you are sending and wherever you are sending it, Durham Box Postal Packaging can protect it.

If your business is reliant upon third party postal services for the delivery of your finished products, then we are only too aware of the perils of that particular supply chain. So rather than being totally at the mercy of the white van man, we can lend our design expertise to postal packaging that offer the protection required for your product.

The benefits of bespoke postal packaging are as follows:

  • Designed specifically to suit your product.
  • Eliminates product damage during transport.
  • Branded through high quality print – giving endless marketing possibilities.
  • 100% recycled materials available, 100% recyclable end product.

So whatever it is you want to send, and wherever you want to send it to, get in touch with us at Durham Box and we will design a specific postal packaging solution for your particular situation.