4 Colour Print

Giving our customer’s the freedom to promote their finished products through quality printed outer packaging.

Our onsite ink kitchen allows us to work closely with our coatings provider, matching customer requirements from the artwork origination stage. They provide us with a specific ink recipe for each colour enabling us to mix on site, ensuring we can provide colour consistency across all of our printed output. Giving us continuity in colour quality, a reduction in ink waste and peace of mind that our customers will see the same results time after time.

Our ability to offer high quality flexographic print to our customer base has been a unique selling point. We have recognised the importance of this capability with our most recent investment, the addition to our assets of a standalone 4 colour printing press. Combining chambered anilox cylinders with rubber rollers has enabled Durham Box to replicate designs with fine text and process requirements along with 100% solids where customer requirement dictates.

The close working relationship that we have developed with our print plate manufacturer has brought benefits to the business. With a foundation built upon the fingerprinting of all of our print presses, we have an increased awareness of the capabilities of our own machinery, resulting in an informed choice of print plate technology, ultimately increasing print quality. We now have the confidence to accept challenges in Flexographic print our direct competition would decline.