Time & Effort

Continually identifying the key requirements of our customers.

Supported by targeted investment in our factory, which has added new capabilities and capacity, we have seen our company turnover double over the last five years. Our ongoing objective is to continue this growth, with an aim to increase sales over the next five years by the same amount.

We have recognised that to fulfil this objective we cannot lose sight of the level of service that we offer our current and potential customer base.

We will therefore continue to identify the key requirements of our markets through a full understanding of our customer’s needs. By establishing a knowledge of supply chain requirements we have enabled ourselves to continually fulfil our customer’s demands, ensuring that we continue to offer:

  • Packs that are a perfect fit for your product.
  • Packaging that suits our customers internal and external supply chain.
  • High level of protection, transporting your products to arrive in immaculate condition.
  • An understanding of our customers markets, offering structural and graphic design excellence.

Ultimately our future success will be driven by the dynamic attitude of our employees, who have been instrumental in the development of the company, building the foundation on which the business is built.